I’ve got an SEO secret to tell you…

What does the S in SEO stand for?




If you answered any of the above, you’d be dead wrong.

Because the S in SEO stands for SPEED.

Let me justify myself.

When it comes to SEO and the content on your website, SPEED matters.

?? How quickly do people find your content?
?? How quickly does your content load?
?? How quickly does it answer a question?

If no one is visiting your website, BUT you think your content deserves to be read, then your content isn’t optimised properly.

It means that the people who need to find your content, are not able to find your content. So your content might as well not exist.

THEN, if they do manage to find your content, your page speed is critical.

One of the first things I look at with ANY website when doing an audit or just browsing, is SPEED.

If it takes too long to load, you’re already losing me.

Others are far less forgiving.

A site that’s slow to load is a death sentence, no matter how good your prices and products are. Or your content for that matter.

We all want to believe our content is special, unique and the best damn thing in the world. But we don’t get to decide that. Our site visitors do.

But it comes down to how quickly they are able to find your site in Google and how quickly your site is able to show them your content (and answer their questions).

Right now I’m looking for a bunch of things for my online store and OMG, so many businesses just have the worst websites.

Ridiculously slow loading websites.

Irrelevant, spammy content.

And it’s almost as if they really don’t want to make money because:

  1. they have no easy way to contact them
  2. they don’t respond even if you manage to contact them

That’s another thing about speed: how quickly you respond to people who make contact with your business!

I see so many businesses enjoy top rankings and an avalanche of traffic only to blow it all when they fail to respond to enquiries (or at all!).

Don’t be that guy.

Do this instead:

  1. Make sure your site loads quickly. Like under 3 seconds. Trust me.
  2. Make sure you offer up concise bits of information. Get to the point, quickly. Save the waffle and life story for later down the page.
  3. Give people an easy way to contact you. And get back to them like your life depends on it.

SEO fundamentals are business fundamentals.

I’ll take my Captain Obvious costume off now.

But you know it makes sense.



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