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No such thing as SEO content – it’s ALL content!

Go to Google and type in “seo content” and you’ll be met with an avalanche of results talking not about ‘content’ but specifically, “SEO content”.

Let me tell you, after 16 years in the SEO industry, that there is no such thing as SEO content.

Because it’s ALL content.

Whatever it is you’re writing and publishing is just that: content.

Yes, in many cases we add content to help us achieve SEO specific goals but that doesn’t make it SEO content.

The reason I say this is because it’s an unfair label. It does no justice to SEO or content.

SEO relies on you having content – otherwise, how will anything get found?

But you also need to have the right kind of content, ie. relevant content.

And when you have relevant content that you optimise so it can be found in a search engine, well my friend, you’re doing SEO. But this doesn’t become SEO content.

It’s just content for the purpose of advancing your SEO agenda.

Content should above all else, be of value. It doesn’t matter if it never gets read. It just needs to be worth a read.

A lot of “SEO content” is blocks of text thrown at the bottom of pages or in random sections of a site with the goal of improving relevancy and ultimately rankings in search engines.

The problem with this kind of content is that it’s often just fluff. It doesn’t read well to a regular person.

So whilst the idea in principle is sound – the execution is flawed. You’ve got weak “SEO content” that’s badly put together and isn’t helpful to either your SEO goal or content goal.

And that’s why I give content and copywriting folks these guidelines when writing their content (whether it’s for SEO purposes or not):

  1. write concisely
  2. write for humans
  3. aim for relevance
  4. write with purpose and value
  5. don’t worry about how many times a keyword needs to be used

That’s it.

When you follow the above with your content, you’ll achieve your SEO goals.

Write beautifully so that people fall in love with your words.

Don’t write like you’re a sloth on acid.

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