Is “fast SEO results” even possible?

I’m not sure why but a lot of people have been searching for ‘fast SEO results UAE’ and either visiting my site or they’ve just skimmed past it on their way down the list in the SERPs.

On last check in, I was at #10 for the query and if you check using, I come up at #7. (rankings change all the time and may differ when you check – don’t @ me).

SEO is a mystery to a lot of people, even those who work in other areas of digital marketing.

It will probably remain that way.

Much of our work is invisible to ordinary folks and the rules keep changing (although they are almost entirely Google’s rules).

So things get muddy very quickly.

But even when I’ve fixed up page titles, meta descriptions, broken links, internal links and added alt text to images, people STILL people can’t “see” what’s been done.

And that’s not their fault. You’d only notice if you looked in the code or cared what the title in your browser tabs said.

It’s not like we’re plumbers fixing a clogged toilet or leaky pipe. You can actually see the plumber do the work and fix the problem.

But like the plumber, you can see the results of our work.

That should suffice, right?

Not always.

We all want quick results. Nay, FAST results. And few of us have been blessed with the patience of Job.

And traditionally with SEO, we always remind clients that results don’t come quick and that they can take time to manifest – as long as 6 months in fact.

I’ve gone as far as telling people that they can start seeing changes within a few short weeks.

I tell them that the real benefit from SEO is the long term protection of their rankings and traffic from changes in how active their competitors are and of course, changes in the way search engines work.

SEO is about helping your website get found easily by the people who need you and this needs to happen no matter what. This is a long term play and anyone telling you otherwise is trying to pull a fast one.

They’re only in it to make a quick buck and seal the deal.

I guarantee that they do not care at all about protecting your brand and ensuring your business is able to withstand any climate (digitally speaking).

Avoid those renegades if you care at all about the long term existence of your business.

Now, I definitely don’t tell people that they can get fast SEO results, even if there’s some super obvious fixes that I can implement quickly that would, for a fact, get them ‘quick’ results.

Let me illustrate.

If a business owner complains about poor or no rankings and traffic and I take a look at the robots.txt file to discover that  search engines have been blocked, I see this as the #1 cause of the problem and a very easy fix to make that is guaranteed to have a quick impact on their online visibility.

In the website example above, the easy fix is to remove the disallow directive that blocks everything from visiting and crawling the site and then fetch the website from within Google Search Console.

Side note:  this an easy mistake to make when using WordPress so check Settings > Reading then check to see if there is a tick in the box that says ‘Discourage search engines from indexing this site’ – if so, untick it and Save.  I just saved you a lot of money and heartache! You’re welcome 🙂

Anyway. By fixing the disallow directive, we’re naturally going to open the door to robots which means they’re going to start seeing traffic trickling in.

But is this a ‘fast SEO result’?

That’s open to interpretation and also depends on a lot of other factors.

Every site comes with its own unique set of problems that need resolving when it comes to technical SEO.

The impact that SEO will have will depend on the situation at hand.

If you’re a new site that blocked search engines in robots.txt, fixing the issue won’t magically drown your site in visitors.

Just because you built it, doesn’t mean they will come.

There will be some exceptions to this rule but for most people, this is not the case.

If you’re a long established website looking to go up a notch, it will take some serious work to get results and even then, results won’t be immediate.

YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) is pretty much the standard answer here but if you know what problem you’re trying to fix, why it matters and how this problem will be fixed, it makes the measurement of results that bit easier.

Some people want to massage their ego and simply beat their competitors in Google. And they usually want it done yesterday.

I don’t blame them, because I want results quickly too.

It just doesn’t happen like that.

Even with paid search, you don’t get immediate results.

Some exceptions exist but for the most part, it’s all a waiting game.

So yeah, next time you Google ‘fast SEO results UAE’, remember that you’re probably going to find a lot of rogue operators who will throw keyword limits, vague guarantees and stupidly low pricing all in your face just to get you to sign up.

When you work with me, we’re in it for the long haul.

Let’s build a bulletproof online presence together that is easily found by your customers and generates revenue all day every day.

Get started with a free website audit done by me, your dedicated SEO consultant.

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