How long SEO really takes

Time to drop truth bombs.

Starting by dispelling these myths:

  1. SEO takes time to do
  2. SEO takes at least 6-9 months to show results
  3. You need links to rank


Here’s the facts:

  1. SEO fixes can be done quickly.
  2. Define “result”. You can see results within 24 hours.
  3. You don’t need links to rank.

If a site is blocking Google from visiting and you uncheck the box that blocks Google – this is a result and it takes 5 seconds to do. You could very well have Google visiting within 24 hours.

This is a result.

I have made fixes to page titles, descriptions and added internal links between pages. It would take an hour tops. And Google has revisited and re-ranked the website within a few days.

This is a result.

What we often think about SEO results is “page 1 rankings” or “#1 ranking”. This is not wrong.

But it’s the end goal/end result.

And it ignores all the other small wins we get along the way. SAD!

Remember: your goal with SEO is to improve the visibility/findability of your content in a search engine.

Every little thing you do to achieve this, is a step towards that goal.

And every little thing is a result in my books.

We don’t know when the site will improve or how it will improve.

We do know what to do help us get there.

That is a result.

And lastly: you don’t need links to rank.

I can show you plenty of sites that rank just fine with no links (or only links from social media profiles).

You still need links but most sites suffer from poor structure and content – this is what’s hurting them, not their lack of links.

So focus on your own backyard first.

This is why I offer SEO Sprints to my clients. It’s short, intense, burst of SEO energy to get fixes done fast.

The sooner we make SEO fixes, the sooner we get SEO results.

You know it makes sense.

Tell me I’m wrong?

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