How Dubai Food Festival could improve their Twitter profile

I’ve heard a lot lately about the upcoming Dubai Food Festival which I hear is a must see so when I saw a tweet mentioning their twitter handle @DXBFoodFest, I naturally clicked it to learn more.

What I wanted to know was when the event would be held as I’m going to be travelling soon and didn’t want to miss out (or if I was going to miss out, I was going to try not to be too disappointed).

Unfortunately, the twitter account is lacking in a few areas and omits some pretty crucial info like the DATE:

dubai food festival twitter

Having Arabic and English text is perfectly fine. Omitting the date, is not. Is it a one day event? 3 day event? Is it like Global Village that goes on for a few months? I mean, it IS Dubai after all – anything is possible here!

I copied and pasted their bio into my own profile to test and I have 18 characters to spare. Add in “21 Feb – 15 March” and you complete the bio with 0 characters to spare. #winning.

I had to click on the website link to find out more about the date and thankfully, I will be around in Dubai before the end of the festival!

Another way they could have better utilised their profile to include important information is in their header image. I think an image that did not obscure the text so much would be better (or just adjusting the contrast on the existing image) but including the date in there would be great, especially if they didn’t feel like adding it into the bio (or if they didn’t have the space to do so). There’s also scope to use the background wallpaper to display more details.

Some could argue that they could setup a URL and add that to their bio so they could track visits to the website from their twitter profile but that’s another discussion for another day.

Anyway, for what it’s worth, I’m glad to see them using twitter actively. I will commend them on a lovely website that is decent on the SEO front and that has great imagery to go with the theme of the festival. I certainly look forward to the festival and you should check it out if you’re in Dubai!