Head of Digital Marketing / Digital Marketing Director

If you’re looking for a Head of Digital Marketing or a Digital Marketing Director, you’ve found the right person for the job.

Here’s why:

  • I have real, tangible work experience
    • I can talk at length about the work I’ve done and results that have been achieved. When you’ve worked for 2 decades, this happens.
  • I have worked for businesses of all sizes across multiple industries
    • From airlines to supermarkets, from publishers to hospitality; my experience is vast and varied and gives me plenty to draw from.
  • I have worked across all digital marketing channels
    • Knowing the basics of each channel puts me ahead because it adds to the richness of my experience
  • I have 2 degrees from a recognised Australian university
    • These have given me the foundational understanding that has allowed me to launch my career in digital marketing.
  • I’m tenacious
    • Things change rapidly in digital marketing and the goal posts are never static. You need someone who keeps going no matter the odds. That person is me.

Whether you need a Digital Marketing Director for a role that is on-site, remote or hybrid, I’m definitely one to consider.

And if you want someone who can hit the ground running, doesn’t need hand-holding and is geared towards outcomes, let’s talk more.

I am the Head of Digital Marketing you’ve been looking for and I’m ready to make a difference today.

I am based in Dubai and open to roles anywhere in the world, with a first preference for roles in Dubai/UAE.