Have you eaten your SEO frog today?

“eat the frog”

I first heard this about 13 years ago.

I was talking to my wife (then fiancee) about how I didn’t want to call these high maintenance clients because they always wore me down.

and I kept putting it off til later, which didn’t help the situation at all.

but then she told me to get my act together and go eat the frog.

what? are frogs even halal?

It sounds weird but the phrase and its meaning makes perfect sense.

typically it relates to doing your hardest, most important task first thing in the morning.

the goal? get it sorted and out of the way so you can focus on everything else.

why the frog? and who wants to eat it?

think about tasks you have to do regularly but they’re not particularly fun or enjoyable.

they have to be done, no matter what. and what happens with stuff that you don’t want to do? you delay it.

this is what eating the frog aims to fix. finding that ‘frog’ in your routine, and just eating it. so you can be done with it and move on!

what’s this got to do with SEO?


this whole ‘eat the frog’ business promotes discipline and routine and kills off procrastination.

these are important with SEO.

I’ll be the first to admit that there’s lots of things about SEO that aren’t fun or cool or exciting.

like keyword research (can be interesting but do people jump out of bed for it? no). has to be done, ideally early on in the project and although it can be cumbersome, you still gotta do it.

same with things like writing descriptions for category pages for your online store. or blog posts. or adding internal links. or finding other websites to get links from. and all that.

lots of things get put to the side because we’re overwhelmed by what needs doing.

when it comes to web/SEO type stuff, it’s often due to not knowing what to do. but sometimes it’s because we know what needs doing and how mundane it is. so our brain just switches off and says see ya later!

but take it from me: just aim for 1 thing at a time. small steps lead to big changes and results.

when I advise clients to write unique meta descriptions for lots of pages on their sites, they freak out at the seemingly monumental task.

but if you break it down into a handful of pages to write for each day, soon you’ll get it sorted. no one’s asking you to do it all in one go.

the other day I set aside 1 hour just to go through the copy on my online store and fix any typos, grammatical errors and internal link issues. that’s it. just 1 hour and I made a handful of changes.

it’s an accomplishment, no matter what.

so that’s my advice for you when you want to take your website performance up a notch.

make a list of all the things you know you need to do with your site.

then eat the frog and just get on with it!

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