Example of good e-mail marketing pt.1 – Domino’s Pizza

I signed up to Domino’s Pizza’s e-mail marketing some time ago when I had made an order online and I’ve actually been impressed with their efforts.

Everytime they send an e-mail, I always open it and I’m acutely aware of what’s on offer, even if I don’t place an order. I love pizza but being mindful of my diet, I don’t indulge that often, so that’s my excuse for not ordering from Domino’s all that often!

Anyway I want to focus on the aspects of the e-mail that I feel are executed effectively.

1. Timing

I just received their e-mail today at 11.02am on Tuesday 15 September with the title “It’s Cheaper Tuesday – Order Lunch or Dinner Online Now!” Notice how they make use of the current day (Cheaper Tuesday) – many in Australia know about Tightarse Tuesdays, where many outlets offer discounts on Tuesdays, viz. the movies. This is a great tie-in with that concept. It’s close to lunch time right now so it’s good timing cos my tummy is rumbling!

2. Call to action

Also, at the bottom of the e-mail, there is a big ‘Order Online’ button and next to it, there’s a note saying cash payments are now accepted. Placement of this call to action is effective too because you’ll inevitably scroll to the bottom and this serves as a reminder.They also put through a great call to action, highlighting convenience: (order lunch or dinner online now!) You can order lunch as it’s close to lunch time or you can order dinner later on – and you can do it right now, on your computer, through their ordering system.

3. Incentive

A good e-mail newsletter has an incentive to offer in some way. Domino’s is enticing you to order pizza for lunch or dinner today and they’re saying, hey, try our cheesy sticks as well!

4. Creative and Attention Grabbing

It’s a very colourful and creative e-mail. It grabs my attention and the key with food advertising is to make the mouth water. In the above cheesy sticks pic, you can see the cheesy sticks up close, dipped in some sauce. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! It has definitely set the mood and is appealing to my hunger and tastebuds. Another key factor with e-mail marketing is that it can’t be plain or boring! This is an HTML version so it’s rich in design/structure and keeps me interested because it’s mainly images that do the talking. It’s not heavy on the text either so that makes for fast scanning and absorbing of information. They also do a good job of upselling for sauce (which is an optional extra) by showing the picture of cheesy sticks with sauce as a serving suggestion.

5. Don’t forget the bottom line

Domino’s is famous for pizza, not cheesy sticks. But they make sure they remind you about their great deals on pizzas with some boxes down the bottom outlining what’s on offer and for how much. All complete with coupon code and bright red ORDER NOW button.



In summary, this is just one of many Domino’s emails that they send out which I’m sure is converting well for them. I’ll document them as they come along. But in general, they are TIMELY, CREATIVE, USE A CALL TO ACTION and they KEEP ME INTERESTED AND WANTING MORE. mmmmm now I’ve got the hots, for what it’s in the box with the dots!

Look out for my next post on a comparison of e-mail newsletters from 2 competitors in the travel industry.

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