Everyone needs SEO. This isn’t a debate.

Let me be super real with you folks.

Everyone needs SEO in their life.

SEO is important to every website in every way.

No matter your industry, no matter how huge your brand is and no matter how you source your leads, your website needs SEO.

SEO is the only thing that looks at how long your pages take to load.

SEO is the only thing that worries about redirect loops and broken links.

SEO is the only thing that cares how your website looks on different devices, screens and internet connections.

And this is all separate from every other form of promotion you do for your business.

Because SEO is so much more than marketing.

As an example, let’s say you’re a big oil and gas company.

You clearly aren’t aiming to rank in Google for ‘oil company in location’.

You get your leads from other ways.

I mean, I highly doubt oil and gas companies are relying on organic search for business (but it sure does help in some way).

But even still, you have a website. With content.

And if you care enough about having your website content found, no matter the purpose, then you need SEO.

People always get the wrong idea about SEO – thinking it’s about rankings and links and traffic.

And it’s of course, about so much more than that.

But to say that not every business needs SEO is a flawed view.

So what if your business gets leads via Instagram? You will still benefit from having a website and by association, SEO.

Is word of mouth your primary sales drivers? Excellent! (it’s so underrated). But a website with strong SEO can only be helpful!

Good SEO is about building an online presence that serves a purpose – and answers questions and provides solutions to problem – basically: SEO is about helping people and making a difference.

This is something no other digital channel can claim.

So my advice to you is simple:

Don’t sleep on SEO.

If you give a damn about your website actually giving you a positive return on your investment, you need to invest in SEO.

Take the time to actually hire the right SEO consultant / SEO agency for the job.

And then sit back and enjoy the sound of your money printing machine.

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