Every website needs SEO

You’ve heard of Berkshire Hathaway right?

Check out their website: https://www.berkshirehathaway.com/

It’s basic af. That’s a good thing though.

It’s secure, loads quick and has plenty of internal links (easy to understand!). Good stuff.

Only one problem: it looks terrible on mobile.

But does this mean it won’t rank well? Or that it won’t get good backlinks?


This is Berkshire Hathaway, one of the largest holding companies in the world. It’s well known.

By default, it will always get backlinks naturally. It’s always going to rank well for branded terms. And there’s plenty of unlinked brand mentions too.

It doesn’t need to rank for much else, tbf.

So what’s this got to do with SEO?

This website, like every website, needs SEO.

There are lots of small fixes to make, even if it’s not going to make an impact on the bottom line.

This however, is the exception, not the rule.

When I say every website needs SEO, I mean every website. Even Berkshire Hathaway aka BH.

Because SEO is not just keyword rankings and backlinks.

SEO (unfairly) has to worry about so many things that people don’t realise.

SEO cares about security, page speed and responsiveness. (BH hits 2 out of 3 here)

SEO also gets you thinking about your content: layout, formatting, keyword usage. (BH does this well)

SEO makes you mindful of accessibility (alt text for images, for example). (BH is light on images, whether by choice or not).

SEO teaches you to add internal links between pages, in a meaningful way (ie. obviously worded links, not just “read more”). BH nails this.

SEO has you thinking about matching your content around what people search for and query intent.

It’s all part of building websites that serve a greater purpose and that build a better web. Not sure if BH cares but their site is not half bad.

Yes, the above is largely theoretical and philosophical.

And it seems like us old farts are the only ones who give a damn.

But you can call me a boomer all you like.

I will die on this hill whilst crying: every website needs SEO.

Even websites for Apple, Nike and McDonald’s (they’ve got SEO teams, look it up!).

And if they invest in SEO, you can invest in SEO.

SEO makes your site easier to find and easier to use.

You could be a wealth management firm with billions on the books and no shortage of client referrals.


Every website needs SEO.

You know it makes sense.

But feel free to add a comment and tell me otherwise. I reply to every message and I take nothing personally!

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