Difficult SEO conversations you need to have

A lot of people who come to me for SEO, have been burnt before.

This naturally makes them skeptical about SEO in general.

My most recent client spent 2 years with another SEO provider.

And all they got were exports from Google Analytics.

No reports explaining what work was done.

No explanation for why things were consistently going south.

And no effort made to rectify the downward trend.

This is just sloppy.

SEO providers like that need to be zapped into oblivion for being so disrespectful.

I get it, we can’t predict the impact of our work.

But the least you can do is explain to your clients what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

And when things aren’t going great, acknowledge it and put out a plan to rectify it.

People are naturally not going to love it when things are taking a nosedive.

But what do they hate more? the lack of accountability and willingness to make things right.

It’s a bit like job interviews.

If you get ghosted, you know you didn’t get the job. But not knowing why hurts more than being left out in the cold.

So the moral of today’s story is this:

  1. Start asking your SEO provider the hard questions and get more transparency about what they’re doing with your hard earned cash money. No one likes difficult conversations but it’s either this or just keep burning your money.
  2. If you’re an SEO provider, start being more upfront and proactive with your clients. You owe them this much at the minimum. Anything else is just dishonest and you perpetuate the misconception that SEO folks are snake oil salesmen and grifters. FOR SHAME.

Honesty. Transparency. Accountability.

This is the way. Not just with SEO but everything else.

And this is how I run Jambread (my own SEO consultancy).

Because I love to overcommunicate everything that I do because I can talk to you about SEO for years and I never want my clients to ever wonder what they’re paying me for.

Let’s do better.

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