Day 4 of 7 day blogging challenge has hit me hard

This is meant to be day 4 of the 7 day blogging challenge and I ran out of scheduled blog posts.

And it’s now 10.56pm in Dubai and I’m trying to get this 4th blog post out.

This is clearly a case of me not managing my time well.

I get the idea behind these and other similar ‘just write’ challenges.

Though sometimes it’s about quality, not quantity.

I mean, I’ve got no shortage of SEO things to ramble on about. From my tips and advice to my experiences and observations.

I can write for days.

But I much prefer putting more thought into my work and taking a bit of time to make sure it’s written in a way I’m happy with.

And if it means I blog every other week then that’s what it is. Some will argue that it’s about consistency but I would argue that it should really be about offering something different.

What sets me apart from any other SEO consultant? What is it that makes my words and thoughts more important than others?

I don’t want to be another SEO blog that merely rehashes what major SEO sites talk about.

I want to be able to offer unique insights and tips that make people think and make people take action to help with their SEO campaigns.

This, to me, is what blogging should really be about.

I get that there’s all these self help guides about writing daily but this isn’t something that just happens.

I’m forcing myself to blog daily and even then, send out a notice to my email list about my latest blog posts.

Maybe this is a lesson to me about being a better organised digital marketer.

Not just with time but with my thoughts and how I convey them.

A good reminder to eat my own dog food.

That’s it.

I’ve got a more fun SEO related blog posts tomorrow, promise.

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