Curiosity, the key to success in SEO

I kinda fell into SEO by accident but I’ve excelled at it because of one thing: I’m constantly curious.

I’m always wondering things and looking up answers to questions that I have. If I’m watching TV and I hear a word I don’t know the meaning to, I immediately look it up. Similarly for events, people and other everyday things that I don’t know about – I just have to know the answer.

As an SEO, you have to be constantly curious and need to have higher than average research skills. Knowing where to look is not enough – you have to know how to look for something you know little about or when you have very few concrete details. You might only know of a misheard brand name or rough estimation of when something occurred but you’ve then got to extrapolate from that core idea and then use everything in your arsenal to find your answer – from negative keywords to search query operators to image search.

And when you’re an SEO, where your job is to make things discoverable, the real fun comes not from the thrill of the chase, but it’s from showing off your kill and making sure everyone knows about it!