Complacency with your online presence = suicide

When I talk to companies about SEO and improving their online presence, I often hear the following:

“we’re already on page 1, why should we do anything more?’

Seems a bit like people have a  ‘quite while you’re ahead” attitude when really, they should have a “I’m going to become #1 and blow everyone else out of the water” attitude.

I’m talking about maximising your exposure and solidifying your online presence. Through more backlinks from credible and reputable sites, to micro/mini sites promoting specific services/products and also more of a presence on places like Twitter and industry and other discussion forums.

You can’t be complacent about your online presence because there’s no guarantee that you’ll always be #1 or on page 1 forever – you have to keep working at it.

If you’re already on page 1, congrats! good for you and I hope you’re doing more to build upon that. Because if you’re not, it could give your competitors a window of opportunity to climb through and narrow the gap.

I don’t know who wants that – I know I don’t.

So talk to me about improving website traffic – it’ll be worth it!

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