Cheap SEO will ruin you

Let me start by saying that there’s no problem with trying to get the best deal possible.

We all do it. Even if we have the money and are happy to spend, we don’t want to be taken for a ride.

And when it comes to SEO, it seems like a race to the bottom with SEO providers and people buying SEO services.

Simply put: there’s way too many people offering cut price SEO. And because we’re all on the lookout to stretch our money, these discount SEO folks are making bank. Not because they’re good but because they’re cheap.

This problem exists due to the non-existent barrier to entry into the field. Everyone and their dog is offering SEO and in order to stand out and secure the bag, people naturally drop their prices.

Only want to spend $100? You’ll find someone to do SEO for that much. And it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. They’ll do it and promise the world. And you’ll believe it.


In SEO, your expectations should match your spend but rarely does that happen.

You spend cheaply on SEO. Your cheapo SEO person does a trash job. Your website doesn’t go anywhere. You get burned and hate the industry.

You then try and make amends (because you have to turn things around). You find a much better SEO consultant (aka me). You cry at the price (I’m not cheap but I’m fair).

And then you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

All because you chose a cheap SEO provider in the first place. (or worse: you’ve chosen cheap SEO people repeatedly!)


It now costs you a lot more to fix the mistakes of the cheap SEO person who did a terrible job and sent you backwards.

You have to recover losses caused by cheap SEO. You have to cover the ground lost to competitors, because of poor quality SEO. You have to pay a good SEO person more than the usual amount – all because you that cheap SEO price tag was too good to resist!

All that money you’ve invested in your business and website: dust.

So how do you get value for money with SEO and avoid the problems that come with cheap SEO?

You don’t need to choose the person with the most amount of years under their belt.

It does help (more years = more time to do more things) but not everyone gets the chance to be exposed to everything.

What you should look for is someone who has the right kind of experience and understanding to get the job done.

As in: when you tell them about your SEO problems and they look at your website, they have real actionable insights and ideas. They don’t talk about stupid things like backlink count, guest posts and metrics that don’t matter like DR (Domain Rating).

You should also look for someone who doesn’t offer guarantees in terms of rankings and traffic (like, very specific numbers). It’s impossible to gauge any of this (believe me, if we could, we’d be living the high life).

As the old saying goes: buy cheap, buy twice.

The only way to stop bad SEO is to stop paying for it. Put those people at the back where they belong. They do not help anyone but themselves.

Instead, ask around and find a good SEO consultant that offers reliable SEO advice you can actually use and make money from.

Don’t let cheap SEO ruin your business. Is this what you want from your legacy? I didn’t think so.

I’m Jaaved Khatree and I’m here to help you with your SEO. Let’s start with an SEO audit via video (it’s short, sweet and to the point).

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