What’s BookTok and why did TikTok make me buy it?

I remember in the early days of Facebook, how every conversation I ever had with anyone, always included mentions of Facebook.

It was like a comma – the word came up so often.

“I saw this on Facebook”

“So the other day on Facebook”


Nowadays, Facebook has been replaced by TikTok.

There’s even a phenomenon called “TikTok made me buy it”.

This extends to everything in life from fashion to homeware to gadgets.

There’s even names for niches within “TikTok made me buy it”, like #BookTok (I saw something the other day showing bookstores with sections called #BookTok).

It’s unbelievable how far reaching TikTok is.

And like everything, there’s 2 sides to the coin.

It’s home to a lot of misinformation on every topic.

But there’s also a lot of good. And plenty of LOLZ.

And if your work or business relies on crushing myths and spreading the truth, you absolutely need to get onto TikTok.

Simply put: TikTok is absolutely unreal when it comes to content distribution

That blog post you just published? Break it up into different parts and post on TikTok (posting part 1, 2, 3 etc of things is the new way to get engagement on there, love it or hate it!)

Use TikTok to spread the good word and do justice to your work.

Whether it’s finance or marketing or health or fitness – there’s a tremendous opportunity to showcase your expertise, assert your authority and build trust with the people who matter.

I know that I’ve always been camera shy and have long been too conservative to share what I know.

But with so much misinformation around, I need to do my bit to help clear the air and point people in the right direction when it comes to SEO.

If I’m the expert that I claim to be, I need to show people that I know my stuff.

And you do too!

There’s chiropractors helping people correct their posture and get relief from pain – using TikTok.

There’s finance folks using TikTok to help people better understand the modern banking system so they can make smarter decisions with their hard earned cheddar.

And of course, when it comes to Food, move over Insta. FoodTok is eating you for lunch. (sorry, not sorry).

The bottom line here is: don’t sleep on TikTok for your business.

Believe me, if you think there’s no scope for this for your business, I dare you to do a search on TikTok.

I can guarantee you’ll find something about your industry on there.

There’s legal eagles, financial fundies and medical mavens. There’s WELDERS on there. All kinds of ASMR content too.

And if you’re into organising things, you’ll need to sit down because it’s absolutely loaded with stuff.

With the democratisation of social media, the ubiquity of mobile phones and the expansion of internet access to more places, there’s never been a bigger time to shine.

If everyone else is using TikTok, you should too.

I can’t begin to explain how much I’ve learnt from TikTok alone.

I’ve learnt some hacks to ripening avocados, cleaning my washing machine and even making certain kinds of foods.

I’ve even watched a few movies, bought some games and done some DIY around the home – all because of TikTok.

If you’re not earning from TikTok, you’re at least learning from TikTok.

It’s a win-win all round, folks.

Don’t sleep on TikTok!

Now get out there and make your Mum proud!

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