Blood Pressure and SEO – coincidence?

So like many very fortunate people in the world, I’ve managed to get vaccinated against COVID-19. (Thank you UAE!)

One thing that stood out for me while getting the jab was the number of people being told to relax because their blood pressure was in the heavens.

Like they were literally told to go sit back down, take a chill pill and try again later.

People were freaking out. Which of course, doesn’t help the BP. But here we are.

Now I’m not a doctor and have no idea what a good BP range is.

So naturally, I Googled it.

And I went straight to Images.


Because I didn’t have time to read about it. I simply wanted a quick easy answer: what is a healthy BP range?

And I found my answer in various images (essentially copies of each other with slight variances).

Why is this important and what’s this got to do with SEO?


Image search is very much overlooked as a traffic source.

It’s not fun or sexy to optimize your images for search.

I mean, when last did you look forward to renaming images, adding alt text and captions?

And don’t get me started on the mission that is resizing images so it’s small enough to load quickly but still looks good.

I bang on about creating helpful content all the time and this is a good example.

Yes you can still write about blood pressure and all that but having an image as a quick reference is super helpful.

I’d recommend branding it too as that can help with brand recall – people may not click through to your site when in Image search but they’ll remember your brand and may come back later.

My point with all of this, apart from creating beneficial content is that often the most mundane things in SEO are the ones that can move the needle or help you get unstuck.

No one wakes up every day, jumping for joy at the opportunity to write 100 meta descriptions.

But if done right, they can help improve CTR from SERPs and you don’t even have to rank #1 either.

Same with anything image related. There’s loads of small thigns you can do that can make a huge difference, even if it will leave you numb at the end of it all.

I’ll write more about this in next week’s email because this is my latest obsession.

Till then, stay safe and chill.

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