Are you eating soup with a fork?

What’s good?

I’ll tell you what isn’t: the linkbuilding being done for my newest client.

My client hired me for an SEO Clinic to help their team get learnt up on SEO, but specifically, SEO as it relates to their website and the work being done by their agency.

Let me tell you, I felt like I had travelled back in time to my early days in SEO.

The linkbuilding is trash, in 2024 terms.

If this was the mid-late 2000s, it would have been fire.

Blog comments, directory submissions, social bookmarking… this was IT back in the day.

Now? not recommended at all.

Why? The links are usually nofollowed (no SEO benefit), the traffic is low (if any) and it’s really just ticking a box to hit a quota. It’s not strategic. And it’s not working.

I have been talking about links a lot more lately because it’s where I see the biggest problems with websites these days.

I mean, on-page is still an issue but the links… we gotta talk about the links. It’s obscene!

All of it just seems like a waste of time and money when there’s this many trash quality links being built.

The lesson here is this: no matter who is doing your SEO, focus on ensuring the links you obtain have some traffic benefit.

This automatically implies some kind of relevancy. Otherwise, those links are useless.

You might as well be eating soup with a fork.

Eat soup with a spoon. Get links that are relevant and make sense for your website.

If it looks trash, it is trash.

Obvious stuff. Don’t complicate it.

And as always: don’t feel shy to ask your SEO provider to justify the work they’re doing – ask what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. Leave no stone unturned.

Unless you like wasting your money?

Didn’t think so.

Hire me as your dedicated SEO consultant for nothing but honest, reliable SEO advice you can take to the bank.

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