Apple invests in SEO. Why don’t you?

The next time someone says they don’t need SEO, point them to the SEO team at Apple.

Apple invests in SEO.

What do they need to rank for?
Do they really need to actively build links?
Who doesn’t know Apple?!

But SEO is about far more than keywords, rankings and links.

Apple knows that.

The same Apple that hit the $3 trillion market cap.

Even Adidas and McDonald’s invests in SEO.

HUGE brands that everyone knows about.

Do they need to be found for sneakers and burgers? No, but that’s not why they’re investing in SEO.

SEO is about site speed and broken links and using images and videos effectively and efficiently.

It’s about localising content for each market you operate in – so it makes the most sense to your audience. You can’t just use Google Translate and expect to earn people’s favour.

This is why I tell people that SEO isn’t some random offering a backlink from a high DA site or making changes to meta keywords or whatever nonsense people are spouting these days.

SEO cares about your site like nothing else.

And all of these multibillion dollar enterprises get it.

And yet, you think your business doesn’t need SEO…

Your business that no one even knows exists…

Let that sink in.

Now if you’re serious about making your business exist beyond the next 3 months and want a slice of the pie, get in touch with me. Fill out the free website audit and hire me as your SEO consultant.

Time to stack those bars and get yours.

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