Another successful business networking event in Dubai!

I had the good fortune of attending a business networking breakfast here in Dubai on Thursday 12 October 2023.

It was another chance to meet with others, enjoy some coffee and of course, talk about my SEO work at Jambread.

It was a refreshing change from the usual events that typically feed you with baked goods and coffee, sit you down for an hour or two to hear a few people speak then leave you to hurriedly network afterwards as everyone rushes back to work. Those events miss the mark!

But this event was totally different.

It was hosted by Royex Technologies who, I might add, have an impressive client base and very capable team of specialists.

The event was titled: Tech Talk Business Breakfast: ScaleUp for Success with Tech!

It started off with a showcase of their work and clients. And it tied in nicely with the topic of the day: scaling your business with technology.

The host, a charismatic Mr Lee Pillay, guided us through the event, talking about the company as a whole but then bringing up points of discussion around the day’s topic. It was refreshing to hear Lee’s perspectives and then the inclusive manner in which he engaged the attendees to share their thoughts.

Scaling is on everyone’s mind and we’re all doing it in some way, but at different speeds. This was the commonly shared sentiment in the room.

I enjoyed the interactive element and the group discussions as part of the event. In its own way it felt like networking while you heard from others and what their experiences have been like. What also really set this event apart was the variety in backgrounds and businesses of the attendees. I met someone who offers financial planning advice, a HoReCa supplier, someone who helps startups pitch to VCs and a person who runs an insurance comparison website. This exposure to different businesses really helps round out the discussion given our unique perspectives. I definitely enjoyed sharing my thoughts on how SEO could help each and every one of the businesses I heard about! As a Dubai SEO Consultant, this is what sets me apart from the rest – knowing how to leverage 20 years in the game to apply SEO best practices to any business in any industry!

I’ve come away with some new connections, some new learnings and an eagerness to attend the next and many more events like this.

I will say that the coffee at the Park Regis in Business Bay was superb and the breakfast on offer was plentiful and not wasteful.

Hats off to Royex for hosting a unique, inclusive and engaging networking event. Here’s to many more!

lee pillay thanking everyone for attending the business breakfast event hosted by royex technologies jaaved khatree with others at the royex technologies business breakfast jaaved khatree and faiz ahmed at the royex technologies business networking event attendees at the royex technologies business networking event in dubai

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