Another silly question: SEO or PPC??!!111

“Which is better: SEO or PPC?”

This question comes up so often, I’d be printing cash money from my own ATM machine if I got a dirham for every time this was asked.

Let me set you straight.

Neither is better.

Both have purposes to serve.

They’re “same same but different”.

And you will almost always need both. Maybe not at the same time. But you will benefit from a PPC/SEO combo. It’s kinda hard not to (this is what they call a “fumble”).

Picture this:

You launch a new website. You expect a flood of visitors. You expect people to fill out forms and/or make purchases.

This will happen, but not right away.

Why? Because no one knows about it.

So you need to invest in PPC.

This gives you instant visibility and awareness.

And it increases your chances of whatever it is you want from people (forms filled out, products purchases, whatever).

Now you also need to invest in SEO.

This is what they call a “no brainer”.

It’s what you do from day 0 and something you keep doing forever.

It will get you results but not right away. It helps your site get found, forever.

It is the best long term play you can ever make.

It works when your PPC doesn’t.

If your ads get turned off, you lose visibility. But if you got your SEO done right, it takes over and does the heavy lifting.

PPC is great for what it aims to do. But it’s not long term sustainable because it becomes expensive. Costs can fluctuate but frankly, you’re just burning cash.

SEO isn’t “free”. There’s a cost attached (don’t let anyone tell you it’s FREE TRAFFIC – buddy, it aint).

SEO just costs you a lot less in the long run. But it keeps working until your site goes over the rainbow bridge.

If you get your SEO sh!t together at the very beginning, you too can be like me and not have to spend hours a day on your site because: it just ranks well and it aint broke (no fixin required).

So moral of the story:

  • PPC at the start to get you quick results.
  • SEO from the start to get you long term results.
  • BOTH of them to get you the best results.

And I tell you this as someone who got his start in PPC back in the day (early 2000s for those who care) and has worked across both PPC and SEO in all sorts of roles.

Yeah I’m the SEO guy but I’m not about to slag off PPC because of that. I know better and you do too.

Treat your website right and give it the right kind of lovin’.

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