Abstract SEO tip for better visibility

Here’s an abstract nugget of SEO advice for you.

Is your business present on multiple social media platforms?

Chances are you have a presence on at least 3 platforms. You could be like me and be present on 10+.

Either way, there’s something each platform has in common: a bio section.

And this is where you write something about your business, with a chance to link out to your website (and possibly other websites too).

One thing a lot of businesses do is they fail to use this space effectively.

It’s either blank, too short or simply fluff.

You want to fill the bio out as much as possible, making it as rich and relevant as you can.

I lose count the number of times I stumble upon restaurants on social media with no clear indication of where they are located.

Some get cute and throw in a link to Google Maps but this is an extra step I should not need to take.

Worse, so many businesses fail to link back to their websites. It’s hard to believe, really.

Why would you leave out such a critical piece of information? I have no words.

Should every bio be the same?

Not really. I mean, you could, for consistency’s sake but each bio has its own limit so you want to make the most with what you’ve got.

Remember that people actually read your bio and this can influence how they interact with your social profile and/or business in general.

When we talk SEO, we refer to websites in Google. That’s just how it is.

But SEO is more than Google and more than websites.

Pinterest is an image search engine.

YouTube is a video search engine.

The App Store is an app search engine.

People are using a lot of different ‘search engines’ to find more than just websites.

And the underlying principle to helping them find what they want is information accuracy and completeness.

Fill out your social bios. Link to your website and socials. And get your website, app or video more visibility in search engines.

Visibility is everything, remember that!

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