A few things I’ve learnt scaling my SEO consultancy

Jambread is my SEO consultancy which I started in March 2023.

It’s my first real attempt at something solo.

It’s also been a wild ride beyond anything I could have expected.

I told everyone about it when I started. I mean, everyone. I blasted it on socials and WhatsApp.

Told everyone I met in person.

I started looking at everyone as dollar signs and as potential clients (because most people are really that!)

I prepared a sheet with potential clients and proposed budgets I could realistically ask for.

My naivety got the better of me.

I was on track to make 3x my former salary and everyone was going to come on board, esp. those folks who promised to give me work by way of actual contracts or plenty of leads and referrals.

Let me tell you, reader, this was not the case.

Even the folks who owed me one, did not in fact, owe me anything.

I’ve had to hustle like a crack addict to get this thing going.

No blood. A few tears. Lots of sweat.

I mean, this wasn’t a surprise to me.

I don’t think anyone can do what I did and assume it’s going to be easy.

But to have my network return 0 has been the biggest kick to the shins, nards and teeth. At the same time. Over and over again.

I’ve had one person pop up every 3 months asking me to stay put and not travel because of the sheer amount of work coming my way.

Still waiting for that mountain of work and bricks of cold hard cash.

They say your network is your net worth. I say that’s BS.

My network is diverse and I’ve tapped it dry. And it has yielded 0.

You know how I’m getting ahead? Someone completely random who is also on a solo journey has been namedropping me and that’s how I’ve gotten leads.

We’re now great friends, supporting each other every step of the way while we scale our respective businesses.

This is what keeps me grounded because ngl, some days it feels like this is a frivolous pursuit.

SEO is a hard sell and it’s worse when everyone in the subcontinent is also doing cold outreach and offering the “same” kind of SEO services for a fraction of the price.

It also doesn’t help when people hound me for calls and proposals, only to ghost me.

That’s just not professional in my books.

Heck, negotiate if you have to – just don’t leave me hanging.

This past year and a bit has taught me to develop a thicker skin and to not get so hung up on all the POTENTIAL there is out there.

I quoted 5 businesses the equivalent of my last salary. Guess how many of them came back to me to say yay or nay? None. Not a word. Not even a whisper.

And at one point I was sure they’d all sign up.

Nothing is guaranteed except death and taxes.

Hustle hard and don’t let a crack addict outwork you.

Trust in yourself, trust in God and just get on with the job.

Otherwise, why bother?

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