5 things to do with Google Analytics during the covid-19 lockdown quarantine

I’ve got 5 tips to help you get through this crazy time.

Whether you’re still working or killing time while your work is on hold, here’s 5 great things to do with ‘all the time’ you have just dripping from your hands.

The best part is that once you do these things, you’ll have accomplished a boat load and right now, that’s progress – and is the good news we need!

Here we go:

1. Consolidate your access in Google Analytics, Google Search Console and if you use it, Google Tag Manager.
Remove yourself from properties you no longer work on. Remove access where it’s no longer required. And elevate access in case you’re still on the bottom rung.

2. It’s also a great time to setup different Views in Google Analytics – ideally, a raw view with unfiltered data, then a bunch of other views with relevant filters (really handy for larger sites).

3. If you haven’t already, filter out traffic from your home IP address. And when you get back to the office, filter out office traffic too (if not already done). You’d be surprised at the difference it makes to your data.

4. Mark annotations in Google Analytics starting with major site changes (launches, migrations, upgrades, feature additions, seasonal stuff, even website downtime).
Then add in every major core algorithm update from Google.
You may even surprise yourself by the trends that will emerge.

5. Create a Dashboard in Google Analytics so you and anyone else can easily get a quick snapshot of performance. Dashboards are super easy to setup and are quick to export as PDF – this is especially useful when you’ve got impatient stakeholders!

>> If you want to see what a typical dashboard looks like in my Analytics, leave a comment and I’ll send you a sample.

You’re now prepped and ready not just for tomorrow, but for when things go back to ‘normal’.

Rock on! \m/

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