5 SEO myths that need to be crushed

It’s time for me to be real with you on all things SEO.

There’s always going to be cowboys spreading misinformation, sadly.

But there’s always going to be people like me spreading the truth, gladly.

Let me clear the air and give it to you straight.

Time to crush those myths!

  1. SEO takes forever!
  2. SEO needs linkbuilding, or else!
  3. SEO is expensive!
  4. SEO is too technical!
  5. SEO is dead!


SEO takes forever!

It does not. You can make changes today that will get you results tomorrow. Or the day after. Or within a week. It does not take 6 months to get results. You should of course get your head around what results mean in the right context. Got a new blog post that needs to be found? Request indexing in Google Search Console the day you publish. Should be in the index within a few days (most of the time). BOOM.


SEO needs linkbuilding, or else!

This old chestnut. You can get ranked without links. You can get results without links. But links are still important and still matter. Just in the right context. Got a problem with Google even indexing your content? Got a slow site? Site looks like trash on mobile? No amount of links will fix this. Get your house in order, then worry about the chandeliers.


SEO is expensive!

It’s definitely not. It’s probably the cheapest digital marketing channel and the ROI is unreal. It just works 247. Yes I wish SEO got a bigger share of the budget but we make do with what we get. You just need to invest more than whatever you’re being charged on Fiverr. Good Lord!


SEO is too technical!

Nah. I mean, there’s “Technical SEO” but that’s just what we call a very technical part of SEO that, for the most part, is behind the scenes and under the hood. If you’re a business owner, do you even know about or care about canonical tags, header response codes or CWV? no. But the technical SEO folks do and they care about this a lot. You may not need to worry about it but that doesn’t make all of SEO a confusing labyrinth.


SEO is dead!

This one is a classic that refuses to die. SEO is evolving and we SEO folks are adapting to changes in the world. SEO is about search engines and when we think of that, we think Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the many others before them (AltaVista, Lycos etc). But since then, we’ve gotten the App Store, Pinterest and YouTube – all different kind of search engines. So we’ve not just had to adapt to how Google works, but also what else exists in the world to help you search for things.

Frankly folks, SEO is forever. And it works while you sleep and works while your doors are shut and works all day every day.

As long as you invest in it with the right people and actually give it the time of day, SEO will give you returns you could only ever dream of with other channels.


SEO first, SEO last, SEO FOREVER.

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