5 red flags to look out for when hiring an SEO consultant in Dubai

SEO is amazing and I love what I do.

I earned my stripes the hard way by teaching myself HTML and CSS back in the mid 90s, building websites as a hobby then turning that hobby into a career.

When I figured I could make more money marketing websites instead of just designing them, that’s when I dove right in with SEO.

And the rest is history. My experience backs it up.

But some of these other charlatans out here? They’re just red flags and you need to watch out for them.

Here’s just 5 red flags that should alarm you when you’re looking for an SEO consultant in Dubai:

  1. If they’ve got a listing on Google Maps that says they’re open 247 and doesn’t have an actual address – AVOID.
  2. If they can’t show a list of clients and brands they’ve worked with – AVOID.
  3. If they stuff keywords in their page titles, meta descriptions and content – AVOID.
  4. If they use terrible English and talk about PageRank like it’s still a thing – AVOID.
  5. And if they’re talking about keyword limits – AVOID.

Should I even tell you to AVOID them if they claim to provide ranking guarantees?!

I focus on SEO strategy. This means I’m looking at everything from every angle and making SEO slide into your workflows seamlessly.

People think SEO is a dark mysterious art and that it’s going to disrupt everything. But frankly, great SEO is almost invisible.

And that’s where I come in.

All these other slackers are just robots who press a few buttons, churn out automated exports from SEO tools and have no clue about long term strategy.

And they’ll be so cheap that they literally exemplify the adage: if it’s too good to be true, then it is.

So here’s today’s lesson:

GRILL the next person you hire for SEO.

Don’t just choose them based on price because YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

And if they are hedgy, uncertain or look like they’re going to ghost you, AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE.

Save yourself the trouble – hire me as your SEO consultant. Get started with a FREE website audit today.

If you’re in the UAE, I’m an SEO expert in Dubai and ready to help you.

and if you’re not in the UAE, I can still help you. Because I’m an SEO consultant to the world!

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