5 days in, how is Emirates doing on Twitter so far?

So Emirates, the airline based in Dubai, decided to activate its twitter account on Wednesday 26 March 2014.

It’s been just over 5 days now and I thought I’d check in to see how they were doing.

On launch day, they managed to surpass the 30,000 follower mark and as of today, they’re sitting just under 43,000 followers. Not bad!

There’s been 23 tweets witha nice mix of text only and image based tweets. They’ve also launched a new campaign featuring Cristiano Ronaldo and another #AllTimeGreat from the football world (won’t spoil it for you!) and twitter is being actively used to promote it.

It seems as though the @emirates account is used purely for promotional purposes whilst the other newly launched account, @EmiratesSupport is used for customer interaction.

A lot of us were tweeting @emirates when they launched and I received a reply to this, but from the @EmiratesSupport account. I’m amazed I even managed to get a reply given how many people were jumping up and down about Emirates finally embracing the little blue bird.

Nevertheless, all things seem to be going swimmingly for what I believe to be the world’s best airline.