3 reasons why you need an SEO team on your team

You need an SEO team, on your team.
Here’s why:
SEO loves your online presence like nothing else. Nothing else comes close.
Let me break it down.

SEO loves your website.

Its sole purpose is to make it more visible. More visibility means more traffic. More traffic means more ad clicks, bookings, sales, whatever keeps the lights on.

SEO loves your apps.

SEO helps your apps get found, in regular search engines and app marketplaces. It’s even got a name: ASO, App Store Optimisation. ASO can turn 0 downloads into a lot more downloads.

SEO loves your videos.

Video SEO is a thing. Whether you need more views (for vanity, conversions or simply to help people), SEO makes it a reality. Why else would you invest in creating video content?
Doesn’t matter the size of your business or industry you operate it.
You should be optimising your content for discovery and conversions.
No one else will tell you this. Except SEO folks.
Get an SEO team, on your team.
Hire Jambread for your SEO.
You know it makes sense.

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