Why you should hire me as your SEO expert, no matter where you are

At a time where you need to maximise visibility in search and stand out from the clutter has never been greater, you have to work with people who excel at their craft and care deeply about delivering results.

I am one of those people who can help you maximise organic search visibility.

I’m madly passionate about search; SEO in particular. I like to dissect websites to understand what makes them tick and why they rank the way they do (or why they don’t!).

I get down to the granular level but never forget the bigger picture when it comes to your business goals.

I’ve worked on websites with anywhere betwee 1 URL and 1 Million URLs. I don’t flinch at the thought of keyword research that sends Excel filesizes into the megabytes.

Globalised SEO is a growing strength of mine. Having worked for major brands, targeting multiple languages in multiple countries. It’s not just something I’ve ‘dabbled in’ – I’ve immersed myself and delivered results.

My Arabic and French are improving and I’m getting a great deal better at understanding the nuances of user search behaviour in different markets. I’m insatiably curious about how people search, how information is found and how to provide people with the best possible information they need in the fastest possible time.

I never hide the truth from my clients. If it’s nigh on impossible, I say that. If things are bad, that’s what it is. But whatever it is, I come up with solutions every time. There is no hiding behind the algorithm or embellished reports that cover up flaws, errors and bad performance.

When you hire me as your SEO expert, you hire a genuinely passionate professional that strives to protect your brand and deliver the best possible organic search results, ever.

I am Jaaved Khatree. I’m an SEO expert. And I’m ready to work with you!