Inbound Marketing Consultant Dubai

My name is Jaaved Khatree and I am an Inbound Marketing Consultant in Dubai.

I am Inbound Certified with HubSpot who are theĀ foremost experts in all things relating to Inbound Marketing.

When you hire me as an Inbound Marketing Consultant, I use attraction techniques to draw in customers, hence the term inbound marketing.

Some people look at Inbound Marketing as a new version of SEO, some view it as an extension of SEO and some view it as a form of SEO.

I view Inbound Marketing as a way of achieving SEO goals and vice versa.

What sort of things can an Inbound Marketing Consultant do?

An Inbound Consultant will use a wide variety of techniques to attract customers to your business and we use all sorts of techniques to achieve these goals.

Content is a huge part of the process and content can be in the form of articles, images like infographics, videos and even audio files. Naturally what techniques and media are used for the inbound marketing campaign depend on your specific situation and what is required to get the job done. Often, doing something differently to the rest of the industry is all it takes, even if it’s the same sort of stuff you’ve done before. The idea is to not throw yourselves at customers anymore but to instead have them come to you. A classic way of achieving this goal is to simply address a need or answer a question (or questions) – so basically, be of value or be of use to someone. In doing so, you place yourself in the mind of the customer, with positive feelings so that seed is already planted. You do need to also make the customer do what you need them to do, like sign up or call or send an email – however you have to get them to your door first before you worry about everything else.

The image below from HubSpot indicates the Inbound Marketing Methodology used to get results. Like I said before, your specific requirements will determine what is done by the underlying principles are the same.

inbound marketing methodology

The beauty of Inbound Marketing is that it has no set shape – but it does have one set outcome: more business for you!

Hire me today as your Inbound Marketing Consultant and stop chasing customers – get them to run to you!