UAE Digital Marketing Interviews – PPC with Lukas Krejca

Kicking off the first of many UAE Digital Marketing Interviews for 2017 is Lukas Krejca who is deeply passionate about PPC and Performance Marketing. He’s been in Dubai for a few years, working with ROI Hunter where his main focus is performance marketing on Facebook. He also runs Dubai PPC which hosts regular PPC training sessions in Dubai – something he’s really enthusiastic about!

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UAE Digital Marketing Interviews – social media with Alexandra Maia

As 2016 draws to a close, I’m ending the year with interview #6 in my UAE Digital Marketing Interview series. I’ve talked to folks in SEO, PPC and Digital Marketing in general (even talked to myself for a bit!) and I’m rounding out this year’s series on a topic I haven’t yet covered til now: Social Media

My guest today is Alexandra Maia who is the delightfully bubbly founder of House of Social. I attended a workshop hosted by Alex at SMWi Dubai (an independent event as part of the Social Media Week series) and have been following her ever since (you should too – she’s always dishing out great social media tips!) She’s super passionate about social media, has brightly coloured hair and I’m glad to have her on the blog!

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UAE Digital Marketing Interviews – digital marketing with Tarek Lel

In Part 5 of my UAE Digital Marketing Interview series, I catch up with Tarek Lel who is a relative newcomer to the local digital marketing scene. I had the good fortune of working alongside Tarek for a while and found that although his fashion sense was questionable, his ability to pick up on search marketing concepts was unmatched. He’s currently the SEM Manager at Starz Play in Dubai and still takes crazy profile photos.

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