Hi, I’m Jaaved.

I’m an Aussie living in Dubai and I work at Propertyfinder.ae as the resident SEO expert & Digital Content Manager where I help our 8 websites across MENA rank better in search engines. My focus is on optimising our website content for discovery and ultimately, conversions.

I can draw up mockups and put together prototypes; I can design websites and just about anything offline; I can put together exceptional digital marketing strategy where my core strengths lie in SEO and Content.

I also offer SEO and digital marketing advice on a freelance basis – get in touch if you’d like to hire me as a freelance SEO Expert in Dubai. I also offer pro bono SEO for non profits and with my wealth of experience in SEO and Content Marketing, I also offer my expertise as an Inbound Marketing Consultant.

On my blog, I write about SEO and Digital Marketing as a whole, as well as company culture and design. I like to provide insights and thoughts that are localised for the region in addition to general information. I love the online space and can’t think of working anywhere else!

Check out my UAE Digital Marketing Interview series where I talk to lots of different people working across the digital marketing spectrum in the UAE.